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Whiskey Rebellion: Crown Royal Quashes Imitator Crown Club

Diageo thought this trademark case was in the bag from the beginning, and the jury agreed with them. The makers of Crown Royal whiskey defeated an accused look-a-like South Carolina Crown...


Disney Looks to Flatten Tires of “Star Wars” and Iron Man Themed Mobile Homes

You to can live like a superhero…on wheels…but not if Disney has anything to say about it.   Marvel and Disney are gearing up an opposition to a mobile home company’s attempt to...


Lawsuit Claims Sony Endangered Employees by Making “The Interview”

Sony is not having a jolly holiday season. Yesterday, the movie studio was sued for a second time over the large hack of its computer system and this time for just making...


New “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” Character Revealed In Trademark Filings

The people over at Disney have been very careful about not revealing the names of characters and even the subtitle to the next Star Wars movie through trademark filings but...


Supreme Court to Hear Dispute over Marvel’s Spider-Man Toy

In 1990, Steven Kimble invented the “Web Blaster,” a Spider-Man toy designed to replicate the superhero’s signature ability to shoot spider webs from his wrists (the Raimi movies) or from...


“Comfyballs” Too Immoral and Scandalous for Trademark Office

A Norwegian company just got wedgied by the Trademark Office as it rejected its attempt to register the COMFYBALLS trademark for a line of underwear because it was just plain vulgar....