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Two Win$ in One Day for Disney in Battle over Marvel Characters

To say July 28th was a rough day for Stan Lee Media, Inc. is an understatement. The company that claims rights to Marvel’s characters lost two motions in different courts, on the...


Lucky 13 Demands R-Rated Taylor Swift Photos in Trademark Lawsuit

I have seen some wacky discovery requests during litigation but this one is a real head-scratcher. In the middle of her trademark infringement lawsuit with the clothing manufacturer behind the brand, Lucky...


Marvel and DC Comics Not Praising Biblical “Superhero” Donuts

A church project has turned into a trademark tussle. You may think the mark SUPERHERO is generic but Marvel and DC Comics do not and may be readying their opposition to...


Don’t Mess with Donald Trump’s Trademarked Hat

When Donald Trump made his triumphant trip to the U.S. / Mexico border he was seen wearing one goofy looking hat but, as it turns out, that hat is a valuable...


NFL to Cool the “Souper Bowl” Trademark?

I guess “The Big Game Soup” just doesn’t sound as good. The NFL is gearing up a trademark registration opposition against a brand of soups called, SOUPER BOWL, that is very...


DC Comics Claims “Dad” Shirt is Too Similar to Superman Logo

If you are telling dad that he is super, you better buy him the authorized shirt. DC Comics has filed a lawsuit for counterfeiting, trademark and copyright infringement over a shirt...