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Foul-Mouthed Litigant Files a “F*ck This Court” Motion

I must admit that after some crazy legal decisions, I havecontemplated about filing a motion like this this but had the good sense not to.  One angry plaintiff, after not being so happy...


Al Capone (Inc.) Settles Lawsuit over Bootlegged Tommy Gun Vodka

Prohibition repealed again? Tommy Guns are still alive and well and now even serve vodka. The makers of the famous gun have settled a lawsuit with Al Capone (Enterprises) over “Tommy...

The Slants Denied

Court Rules Band Name Too Racist to Be Trademarked

Be careful what you name your band if you want to register the trademark for the name. An Asian-American band named “The Slants” has been denied another attempt to register...


Author to Revive $250 Million Copyright Claim against Disney’s “Frozen”

Apparently, this author does not believe in letting it go like they teach us in Frozen. An author who claims that Disney stole her story about growing up in the not-so-frozen Peru...


HBO’s Attorneys Crash “Game of Thrones” Viewing Party

Happy hour at one bar won’t be as happy anymore without Game of Thrones. HBO sent a cease and desist letter to a Brooklyn bar demanding that it stop having...


Analyzing the New Trademarks of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”

Star Wars Celebration is in high gear in Anaheim and yesterday brought us the second amazing teaser trailer for the movie. Lucasfilm has been quite busy lately filing a bunch...