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HBO Preps Battle with Drone Fighting League, “Game of Drones”

Well here’s something I am sure you didn’t even know existed. Apparently, you can buy aerial drones and then have them fight each other, in air, but HBO isn’t happy...


The One-of-a-Kind $5 Million Album and 88 Year Copyright

I don’t think you have enough money in gift cards on your iTunes account to download this album. Wu -Tang Clan’s elaborate plan to release a single copy of a long...


Dentist Drilled after Claiming Copyright Ownership to Patient’s Bad Review

Bet you didn’t know that you needed to not only brush your teeth but brush up on your copyright law before heading to the dentist. A disgruntled patient left a...


March Madness? Will Your College Basketball “Brackets” Get You Sued?

March Madness will soon arrive with a tournament that actually ends in April but the NCAA is already on the hunt. The collegiate sports organization is looking to bust more...


Superman v. Communism: DC Comics Battles “SuperMao”

Superman and Chairman Mao seem to be polar opposites, one stands for truth, Justice and the American way and the other…communism. The two have taken their fight to the Trademark Office...


“Power Rangers” Bootleg Film Shutdown for Copyright Infringement

*UPDATE #2* There is peace in the world.  Saban and the makers of the fan-film have reached an agreement and the film is back up so go and enjoy.  ...