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Robin Thicke: Booze, Drugs & Divorce Caused “Careless” “Blurred Lines” Testimony

Well at least he didn’t blame the farm animals. After suffering a debilitating loss in a copyright infringement case, Robin Thicke now blames his divorce for his admitted “careless” testimony during the case. For...


Apple thinks Disney’s “Descendants” Logo is Rotten?

Apple wants to take a bite out of a new Disney trademark. Apple, Inc. looks ready to oppose Disney’s attempt to register a trademark for a logo featuring an apple...


Disney Opposes Teen Versions of Characters at Trademark Office

Ever wonder what princesses looked like during their awkward teen years?? After Disney lost a trademark battle over ZOMBIE CINDERELLA, the same toy company is set to fight again with...


Trademark Filing says Bet on a “Breaking Bad” Video Game

Some elements of Breaking Bad not only live on through Better Call Saul but may through a future video game. Sony Pictures has filed a European Union trademark registration for...


DC Comics Looks to Extinguish “Dark Knight” E-Cigs

Billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne may puff on a fine Cuban cigar every once in a while but never an e-cig. DC Comics is opposing a company’s attempt to register its DARK KNIGHT...


Disney Settles Lawsuit Claiming it Stole Trailer for “Frozen”

Disney was finally able to put this lawsuit on ice. After failing to have a copyright infringement suit dismissed, Disney agreed to settle a dispute claiming it stole the teaser...