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Feds Seek to Break Up Biker Gang by taking Trademark

Bike gangs have been in the news recently for all the wrong reasons. On June 2nd, an ongoing case will be argued before a Los Angeles court concerning the government’s...


Japanese Superhero Ultraman in YouTube Copyright Battle

If Ultraman though kaiju were a big problem, he never ran into a Godzilla-sized copyright dispute. The Japanese superhero that does battle with monsters is involved in a bitter copyright...


Godzilla Tries to Stomp Out New Anne Hathaway Monster Movie

Godzilla has his fire breath aimed directly at Anne Hathaway’s new monster movie, Colossal. The studio behind the Japanese monster movies claims that Hathaway’s upcoming movie about a woman fighting Godzilla is an...


Costumed Janitors Abandon “Superhero” Trademark Fight with Marvel and DC Comics

A costumed cleaning service has laid down its dustbusters in a trademark dispute with Marvel and DC Comics. The cleaning cosplayers who masquerade as your favorite DC Comics and Marvel heroes have...


Winery Fights HBO’s “Game of Thrones” Beer Trademark

Quoth the raven “trademark no more”? A California winery claims HBO has committed fraud on the Trademark Office and is fighting HBO’ s attempt to register a Game of Thrones...


DC Comics Fights Rihanna’s Attempt to Trademark Her Name

Deep thought of the day, if Batman’s sidekick name was spelled “Robyn”, would we take the superhero so seriously? DC Comics is fighting Rihanna’s attempt to register a trademark for...