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12,000 “12” Joints For Super Bowl XLIX

Even if they are losing, thousands of fans in Seattle will be able to enjoy the Big Game while very mellow – at least that is what one Seattle-Based marijuana retailer...


Guess What Marvel is Putting the “Avengers: Age of Ultron” Name On

Just today, a bunch of new trademark registrations were published for opposition for Marvel’s AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON. It’s no big surprise that a lot of Avengers merchandise is on the way but...


Seattle Seahawks Surrender in Trademark Fight with “The Hunger Games”

In the end, Katniss was the lone survivor of this battle. After initially opposing some trademarks related to the term “District 12″, the Seattle Seahawks have to call off the...


Former “American Idol” Winner Wants out of “Oppressive” Record Contract

If you’re a struggling musician, is it really a good idea to try out for American Idol? Along with all the television exposure and fame comes a record contract that one...


Turner Opposes the Weirdest “Wizard of Oz” Related Trademark

You have to think when you file a trademark application for a 16 word trademark, there can’t be anything that is even close to confusingly similar. There’s no place like...


80’s Flashback: Photographer Claims the Nike Michael Jordan Logo is a Ripoff

To say that this plaintiff was a little late to the party is an understatement. After waiting almost 30 years, a photographer has sued Nike for copyright infringement claiming that...