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The Monkey Selfie Spawns a Fraudulent Trademark Application

By now everyone has seen or heard of the Monkey Selfie, a photo supposedly taken by  technically a macaque in Africa (but Monkey Selfie sounds way better) as previously covered and...


Three Companies Duke it Out over “Iron Fist” Mark

It’s a three-way dance in the battle over the IRON FIST trademark. A nutrition supplement company, a brewery and now Marvel are battling over an attempt to register the mark...


Artist Goes Very Old School with DC, Marvel and Star Wars Characters

In case you ever wondered what your favorite superheroes would look like with ruffled neck braces, a French photographer has some pics he would like you to see. A photographer has...

Carls Junior Ads

Carl’s Jr. Gets Sued over Racy Use of “Mile High”

Carl’s Jr. likes to attract attention with its racy commercials but not this kind of attention.  The burger chain is being sued by a “family restaurant” for trademark infringement over...


WTF? The Trademark Battle over the Acronym

The battle against bad breath continues even in front of the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  The makers of Wrigley’s gum feels like Mentos is trying to burst its...


20,000 of Your Favorite Songs Could be Pulled from YouTube

Got a favorite song you are itching to hear? Most times the number one venue to hear it is on YouTube for free. Well, that may be changing soon as a...