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“Power Rangers” Bootleg Film Shutdown for Copyright Infringement

The first thing I thought when I began sitting through the incredibly awesome 14 minute unauthorized Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers short film was how are they getting away with this...


Why You Shouldn’t Buy Evil Counterfeits

It’s a simple premise, counterfeiting is evil. It is good to see major news outlets like CBS’s “The Insider” put the focus on why counterfeiting is bad. It’s no secret...


No Goof(y): Disney Claims Trademark Ownership to Directional Arrows

Disney has sought to have four registered trademarks at the United States Trademark Office cancelled, these trademarks look like directional arrows or chevrons to the more sophisticated. The simple shapes...


Under Armour Tries to Kick “Ass Armor”

Under Armour wants to get to the bottom of what’s going on under your pants. The sporting goods company has sued a rival over protective pants called “Ass Armor” that...


Judge Puts “Frozen” Lawsuit Against Disney on Ice

Love by the moonlight, mountainous terrain, a possible love interest that ends in betrayal and an unbreakable sisterly bond. These are common themes in many different stories on film, television...


Huh? HBO Shuts Down Own “Game of Thrones” Trailer for Copyright Infringement

Game of Thrones is one of the most popular shows on television and is the most pirated television show. HBO is obviously sensitive to the unauthorized reproduction of its television show but...