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Why Wine and Gambling Companies own “Thanksgiving”

So the big question of the holiday, who owns Thanksgiving? The answers varied among the people I asked, from the Pilgrims and the Native Americans, to Macy’s, to the Dallas Cowboys. The...


Donkey Kong Champ Loses Lawsuit Over Unauthorized Likeness on Cartoon Network

The judge threw an unjumpable barrel at this gamer. The man labeled as one of the greatest gamers of all time lost a lawsuit against The Cartoon Network after a television show used...


ABA Journal Honors Pirated Thoughts as a Top 100 Best Law Blog

Despite continued calls for a recount, on November 23rd, Editors of the ABA Journal announced they have selected Pirated Thoughts as one of the top 100 best blogs. Pirated Thoughts earned...


Disney and Gaming Companies Mash over One-Eyed Monster Logo

If these guys had two eyes they would be crossed in confusion over this dilemma. Disney is gearing up its opposition to a gaming company’s trademark for a one-eyed character...


Class Action Lawsuits Claim “Game of War’s” Casino is Illicit Gambling

Many games including Game of War and even Candy Crush provide users the opportunity to spin a roulette-style wheel for in-game prizes. In a couple of class action lawsuits, plaintiffs allege...


Models Sue for Unauthorized Use of Images at Nudist/Swingers Resort

Not sure if these lawyers were getting paid by the word cause if they did, they just made a fortune. In a whopping 433 page complaint, a group of 15...