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80’s Flashback: Photographer Claims the Nike Michael Jordan Logo is a Ripoff

To say that this plaintiff was a little late to the party is an understatement. After waiting almost 30 years, a photographer has sued Nike for copyright infringement claiming that...


DC and Marvel Unite to Take on Superhero Costumed Cleaning Company

Some cleaning cosplayers who masquerade as your favorite DC Comics and Marvel heroes are running into more problems than just filthy bathrooms as it tries to register a trademark for SUPERHEROCLEANERS....


Monster Energy Looks to Tackle Marshawn Lynch’s “Beast Mode” Trademark

Beast Mode was in full effect this past weekend but on the field and not at the Trademark Office.  Seahawk’s running back, Marshawn Lynch, finds himself battling it out with Monster...


Disney Wins Lawsuit Stopping Development of Star Wars Themed Flying Car

When a judge calls your complaint “remarkable” because it cites such things as Noah’s flood, Game of Thrones and Star Trek, that isn’t a compliment. Disney successfully defeated a breach...


Star Trek Looks to Put the Neck Pinch on “Vulcan” E-Cigs

Vulcans do not smoke, ever. CBS is about to oppose an attempt to register the VULCAN trademark used in association with an e-cigarette brand. Vulcan is synonymous with Star Trek and...


Groot and Marvel Not Dancing to Nonprofit’s “Guardians of the Groove” Trademark

Apparently, Marvel is not so groovy about a new trademark registration. A not-for-profit New Orleans radio station is trying to register a trademark for its “Guardians of the Groove” series...