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Intellectual Property Violations that Can Get You in Trouble at Comic Con

There is a chill in the air, a pumpkin spice in your coffee and Darth Vader is riding next to you on the subway. Once again, New York Comic Con...


Defendant: Pokémon Backed out of $5,400 Settlement of Copyright Case

Never tease Pikachu because he is bound to bite. A lawsuit that commenced over an unauthorized Pokémon party was all but settled but the defendant alleges that plaintiff backed out of the deal...


Faux Food? Counterfeit Eggs Made of Plastic Discovered

If you need another reason to become vegan, here it is. The plethora of counterfeit products continue to dangerously expand. Now, reports are coming in from Thailand, that a local market...


DC Comics Opposes Attempt to Register “Kryptonite Vapor” Trademark

Even smoking is bad for Superman’s health now. DC Comics is opposing a vaping company’s attempt to register a trademark in association with its KYPTONITE VAPOR e-cigarette liquid. While Superman...


Trademark Office Refuses Registration for Look of the “Cheesehead”

The Trademark Office thought this trademark application was full of holes. The Trademark Trial and Appeals Board upheld a denial of an attempt to register the look of cheese for...


DC Comics Opposes Bulldog Hoodie “BatHat” Trademark

Villains come in all shapes and sizes and sometimes with four legs. DC Comics is opposing an attempt to register the “BatHat” trademark in association with homemade dog hoodies claiming people...