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Disney and Marvel Won’t Help Rid NYC of Unlicensed Costumed Characters?

Its not just topless women in Times Square raising eyebrows but nefarious version of Disney’s characters. Times Square has become a haven of unlicensed characters sporting dirty looking costumes, fowl...


MLB Backs Down in Trademark Dispute over the Letter “W”

“W” stands for win in this trademark dispute. For the last three years, a start-up finance website has been fighting with two Major League Baseball teams about its trademark, simply the letter W....


Appeals Court: “Cluck Off”! Chicken Sandwich Can’t Be Copyrighted

This decision wasn’t finger-licking good for a chicken sandwich creator. The First Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that a former employee of Church’s Chicken was unable to assert copyright protection...


Oh Shirt! DC Comics Opposes Superhero Apparel Website’s “Sons of Gotham” Trademark

DC Comics have garnered a great deal of buzz recently regarding their trademark oppositions. In a story that went viral, and was broken by Pirated Thoughts, DC Comics recently opposed Rihanna’s attempt...


“Minions & Me” Cleaning Company Refuses to Change Name

We search the globe for interesting stories and this one takes us all the way to New Zealand. “Minions & Me” a cleaning service with the likeness of Universal’s Minions plastered all...


Episode 2: Facepalm Trademarks

Episode 2: The Trademark Wars. Its Friday and therefore its time to focus on some of those way too familiar, corny or just out there trademarks of the week. You can be slightly amused...