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Star Wars to Strike Down “May the Ford be with You”?

The force does not appear to be on this one’s side. A car enthusiast has filed a trademark application for the mark MAY THE FORD BE WITH YOU. There is...


Gandalf Duels with the Wizard of Weed over Trademark Registration

Trademark registration, you shall not pass. The company that owns the intellectual property rights to the Lord of the Rings franchise thinks a pending trademark application for a wizard-like character standing...


Ted 2 Legalized: MacFarlane Settles Lawsuit Claiming Ted is a Ripoff

Ted 2 is officially on without the fear that a lawsuit will halt the release of the film. Seth MacFarlane and Universal Pictures have settled a lawsuit that accused them of stealing the...


Star Wars and Mission: Impossible Reach Agreement over Similar “Rogue” Titles

Confused by all the films coming out with the word “rogue” in it? Paramount and Disney have reached an agreement to avoid some of the confusion between Mission: Impossible Rogue...


Why Did Taylor Swift Purchase Some Porn Domains?

The quick answer to the headline: it’s so you couldn’t. Taylor Swift just purchased some of the new gTLD’s with the names .porn and .adult but she has no plans on...


Airline Music Provider Claims Record Companies “Encourage” Infringement

The company behind some in-flight entertainment enjoyed on major airlines, including American, is being sued for copyright infringement for alleged reproduction of music without permission. But now the company is fighting back and...