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6 (66) Spooktacular Halloween Trademarks

It’s the time of year to be scared by ghosts, zombies and trademarks!!! For a very special Halloween edition of Pirated Thoughts, we took our flashlight and went down into...


Stan Lee Defeats Stan Lee Media in Battle over Marvel Superheroes

This issue pops up a lot; Stan Lee Media, Inc. (SLM) is a company that bears Stan Lee’s name but is no longer affiliated with the comic book legend.  Stan Lee...


Is AT&T Purposefully Slowing Down Your iPhone?

Feeling like your iPhone is way slower than it should be? Well, the United States government agrees with you and has sued AT&T for slowing down unlimited data plans up to...

Halloween Wine - Hallowine

The Frightening Tale of the “Hallowine” Trademark

What’s better than trick or treating? Well, throwing in some spiced apple wine may make it a little more fun.  “Hallowine” is the nectar of ghosts and spirits but now...


Feel Free to Embed Even Copyright Infringing Videos in Europe

As first reported by TorrentFreak, the European Union Court of Justice (EUCOJ), Europe’s high court that interprets the law, has ruled that it is OK to embed YouTube videos on...


You Cannot Protect Pizza’s Flavor

In a recent ruling, a U.S. District Court in Texas ruled that the flavor of pizza cannot receive trademark protection. In the case, New York Pizzeria, Inc. (NYPI) sued the...