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Hershey Smokes Out Look-a-Like Marijuana Chocolate

If you didn’t buy your Hershey-inspired marijuana chocolate, you are too late.  Hershey and a marijuana dispensary have mellowed out a settled a lawsuit over knockoff Hershey inspired candy. Back...


NFL About to Tackle WWE’s XFL?

Raise you hand if you remember the short-lived, XFL.  The WWE is trying to revive the trademark for the XFL but faces a tough opponent, the NFL. Way back in 2001,...

The Walking Dead Merchandise

“The Walking Dead” and its Growing Copy(zombie)cat Problem

When something gets popular of course a bunch of imitators arise but usually those imitators don’t rise from the dead.  Robert Kirkman, creator of The Walking Dead, has to find a...


Clown Civil Rights Group Not Laughing over “American Horror Story”

The premiere of American Horror Story: Freak Show was FX’s highest rated show ever and apparently a lot of people watching the show where clowns…literally.  A clown club has come...


Converse’s Lawsuit Frenzy over Trademarked Look

Converse wasn’t playing around yesterday, in concurrent actions Converse sued Skechers in Brooklyn Federal Court and then 31 other companies in the International Trade Commission(ITC) for allegedly stealing the signature...


Eagles’ Frontman Not Laughing at Clothing Store’s “Don-A-Henley” Joke

Well this eagle woke up on the wrong side of the nest.  Don Henley, lead singer of the Eagles, didn’t take too kindly to an apparel company that sent out...