After this little blog set the esports world on fire with the original story here (thanks media outlets for copying and pasting from this blog; that’s called copyright infringement and did you see what I do for a living?)) we are back with an update.
Following publication of the Overwatch League’s logo on March 28, Major League Baseball took issue with the likeness of the logo to its own. Just one day before the 30 day deadline, MLB requested an extension of time to oppose the logo, stating that it needed an additional 90 days to investigate the claim and to confer with counsel. This is the usual first step that allows the potential opposer more time to think about the opposition or even for the parties to work out a settlement.
Image of Overwatch League Logo
The deadline to oppose the trademark came and went on July 26, 2017. So either the parties reach a super secret agreement to let the mark go through or MLB decided this was not the best game to play. The test for the Trademark Office is if a new mark would confuse the average consumer from thinking that two marks are related, when they are not. The Trademark Office had no problem with this and granted the mark the right to proceed before MLB came and filed its request for an extension of time to oppose the mark.

Now the mark is cleared for registration…however, this does not prevent a lawsuit for trademark infringement from being filed in the future. This is highly unlikely to happen but you never know.