Time to do a little Apple to apple comparison. Apple, Inc. has requested an extension of time to oppose the issuance of a trademark registration for website’s logo but do these apples even look anything alike?

Image of Johnny GreenJohnny Green was leading a good life according to his Facebook page. Being the “spokes-apple” for compare.com has its perks including driving a smart car, hanging in San Francisco and dressing up like a doctor (??). Compare is a website that let’s you plug in your info and it locates the cheapest car insurance rates. When Compare went to register the trademark for its logo, that’s when things started to go a little rotten for Johnny.

Apple requested and was granted an extension of time to oppose the registration of the logo. This is the usual first step in the world of trademark opposition practice; it allows Apple extra time to evaluate whether it wants to go forward with the opposition to the registration or even try to work out an agreement with Compare. If a trademark is confusingly similar to an already in use to mark, the Trademark Office will not permit it to be register.

So when Johnny looks in the mirror does he see the Apple logo? The marks are very different, Johnny has human like features, is green and hopefully no one will ever take a bite out of him like the Apple logo. I think if you asked most people they would say the logos are not confusingly similar, at all. I can’t imagine that Apple will actually oppose this mark but time will tell if Johnny Green if ripe for registration.