It’s high noon at the Alamo. At either end of the old dusty street is a brewery lawyer poised and ready. On one side is the Alamo Beer Company and on the other is Texian Brewing Co. They each reach for their holster and to their surprise the cavalry comes rushing in.
The dispute began when the Alamo brewing company sued Texian Brewing Co. for trademark infringement. Both companies use an image of the Alamo on their label. Normally they would battle it out and either settle outside of court or a judge would determine who has the rights to the mark. In this case, the Texas government entered the fray.
As it turns out THE ALAMO is a registered trademark of the State of Texas. They have word and image marks in almost 20 categories for everything from apparel to luggage and even bottled water or jalapeno peppers and pickled okra. The museum at the Alamo sells many different souvenirs bearing the mark and the State argues that the image of the Alamo is famous and immediately conjures an image of Texas.
It looks like the cavalry arrived just in the nick of time for the Lone Star State. Both the Alamo Beer Company and Texian Brewing Co. have been permanently enjoined from using the Alamo mark on their bottles.