A costumed cleaning service has laid down its dustbusters in a trademark dispute with Marvel and DC Comics. The cleaning cosplayers who masquerade as your favorite DC Comics and Marvel heroes have walked away from their attempt to register a trademark for SUPERHEROCLEANERS but the company’s wacky business is still up-and-running.

If you thought cleaning filthy bathrooms was a sticky situation just wait until you take on the comic book giants at the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  Most people are still shocked to hear this but DC Comics and Marvel, much to the chagrin of many creators, are the joint owners of both the SUPER HERO and SUPER HEROES marks. Many people argue that these marks are becoming more and more generic but that is not stopping the comic book companies from going after people who use the marks without authorization.
The Superhero Cleaners are a Canadian based cleaning company that comes to your home or office and cleans…usually within 24 hours notice. Here’s the thing, they come dressed up like they are trick-or-treating, sporting such costumes as Superman, Batman and Robin. They could have created their own characters like Captain Clorox or the Windex Wizard but instead wear costumes bearing other comic trademarks. Their website is here if you are interested. Not only does the company use the SUPERHERO trademark but it has it in its domain name and also has a logo featuring a character that looks a lot like Superman.
In March 2014, the cleaning company filed a trademark registration for the SUPERHEROCLEANERS trademark for “janitorial services”. DC Comics and Marvel filed an opposition to the trademark filing claiming that the proposed registration will confuse the public into thinking that the cleaning company’s mark is associated with DC Comic’s and Marvel’s, when it is not. Basically the argument is when you hear the word “superhero” you think of DC Comics and Marvel but the cleaning company is not affiliated with the comic book companies and just playing off the fame of the mark. When time came for Superhero Cleaners to respond to the opposition, they pulled a Nightcrawler and just disappeared with a bamf and never reappeared. Last week, final judgment was entered against the cleaning company and formally terminating the request to register the SUPERHEROCLEANERS trademark.
Fear not, people who want strangers in their homes dressed up in tights and capes, while they have abandoned the attempt to register the trademark, the Superhero Cleaners are still up-and-running and continue to use the “superhero” mark in association with their business.  There might be a lawsuit in the company’s future unless it “cleans” up its act.