Like a good superhero, Dark Knight Insurance is there?? Just days after DC Comics filed an extension of time to oppose a trademark for DARK KNIGHT INSURANCE, the website for the insurance company has curiously disappeared.

![Image of Dark Knight Insurance](
Missing: This Website
In January 2016, “Dark Knight Insurance” was born and one month later the “company” moved to register the trademark for its name. The trademark application was filed by the business’s owner, Gary Wall, and has some mistakes including a misspelling of the applicant’s hometown. Also, “Dark Knight Insurance” is technically not a registered corporation but just a doing business as name of Mr. Wall. Two lessons here, always spell check trademark registration applications and form a corporation especially if there is a good chance you will get sued over the name of your business. The California based insurance company also registered the domain and operated the website that can be seen on the right. This image was used as evidence of use of the trademark but something ominous has happened. DC Comics is not a stranger to the Trademark Office and vigorously protects its marks. THE DARK KNIGHT is, of course, Batman’s nickname and was first applied to him in *Batman* No. 1 which debuted in 1940. Since then, the name has graced some very famous comic book runs and even the Christopher Nolan movies. Due to its long established use of the mark it has become quite famous and synonymous with Batman and DC Comics. It doesn’t seem out of the realm of possibility that confusion between the two DARK KNIGHTS is likely. DC Comics requested and was granted an extension of time to oppose the registration of this trademark. The Trademark Office will not permit registration of a mark if it is confusingly similar to an already in use mark. So would you sign up for DARK KNIGHT INSURANCE and mistakenly think that it is owned, authorized or licensed by DC Comics? That is the question that the Trademark Office must tackle. The use of the DARK KNIGHT trademark in Mr. Wall’s website as well could lead to further claims of trademark infringement and cybersquatting. Just a few days after the request for an extension was filed, the website for the business was taken down. You can infer from that what you will. Maybe Mr. Wall fears a lawsuit or Batman stealthily attacked under the cover of darkness. Over the next few months we will see what happens to the DARK KNIGHT INSURANCE whether it stays hidden in the shadows or makes a triumphant return.