Billionaire playboy, Bruce Wayne, who told this blog he is definitely not Batman and to stop spreading that rumor, is known for his fancy wardrobe but definitely not plain t-shirts. DC Comics has opposed the trademark registration application for an online seller of clothing called “Bruce Waynes”.

I do not know much about the individual known as Brandon En’Wezoh but one can surmise that he is a fan of Batman. Since March 2016, Brandon (we are on a first name basis because typing out that last name over and over again is going to take too much effort) has been selling clothing under the business name “Bruce Waynes”. Two things to note here, first, Brandon does not have a formal business entity formed and is doing business and applied for the trademark in his own mistake (personal liability is never a good thing, form a company!). Second, Brandon is a fan of plain t-shirts; in fact that is all he sells on his website. The website doesn’t reference DC Comics or Batman in anyway but that is an odd name to chose for a “business” if there is not tie to either.

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A peek at the Bruce Waynes website
Since 1939, DC Comics, or its predecessors, have used the BRUCE WAYNE name and trademark in association with its comics. One can see the consumer confusion is highly likely in this case. If one where to click on a link for a business know as “Bruce Waynes” one would not be considered crazy to believe it to be owned by, associated with, or sponsored by DC Comics. Therefore, DC Comics has opposed the issuance of the BRUCE WAYNES trademark registration.

This doesn’t seem like sound fight to pick and the worst part, Brandon put his business directly in the sights of DC Comics. Not only can DC Comics, most likely, win this trademark opposition but it can sue Brandon for trademark infringement as well for using the name. This is why people should form companies because now Brandon can be sued individually for this behavior. This opposition has been pending for over a month and the “Bruce Waynes” website is still up and running so Brandon doesn’t appear to be sweating over this issue, or the t-shirts just hide the stains well.