Holy meat trademark, Batman! DC Comics is fighting the Blackhouse Steakhouse over its DYNAMIC DUO trademark with DC claiming people will confuse it with Batman and Robin.

When you hear "Dynamic Duo" do you think of Batman and Robin...or steaks. First used in Batman No. 4 in 1941, Batman and Robin have been known as the "Dynamic Duo". DC Comics claims ownership of trademark rights to the term but does not have a formal trademark registration for it.

Black Rock Bar & Grill is a steakhouse franchise with 14 locations mostly in the Midwest. In October 2019, the steakhouse filed a trademark registration for a not yet in use mark, DYNAMIC DUO, for "entree consisting of primarily of meat". I'm not a betting man but it seems like you might get two steaks with this entree.
DC Comics claims the steakhouse's mark is confusingly similar with its mark and people are bound to think the meat dish is associated with DC Comics, when it is not. Black Rock can now move to oppose the opposition or walk away from the trademark.

We shall wait to see how this battle of superheroes and supermeats works out.