Darnell “SuperChef” Ferguson finds himself is a trademark cook-off with DC Comics over the name of his new restaurants chain, "Superhero Chefs".

Darnell “SuperChef” Ferguson is known for winning the “Ultimate Thanksgiving Challenge” hosted  on The Food Network and has also appeared on The “TODAY” Show, “The Rachael Ray Show,” and a whole bunch of other shows. Ferguson opened up three restaurants in Alabama, Georgia, and Kentucky called "Superhero Chefs" and using the above logo. Ferguson filed the trademark in his own name and not a company that owns the restaurants, not a smart move because Superman and company came a knockin'.

Due to the use of the "SC" in a diamond, DC Comics has opposed the issuance of the trademark claiming that the general public is bound to confuse Ferguson's trademark with DC Comic's SUPERMAN and the S logo trademarks. DC Comics is notorious for its strict enforcement of the S logo and routinely files oppositions to similar marks. DC Comics claims that Ferguson knows exactly what he is doing and trying to cause confusion and cites the images below where Ferguson is using the Superman and a Batman image at its restaurants.

Ferguson should try to work out some kind of settlement cause he could find himself sued as well. Never tug on Superman's cape or his lawyers will get involved.