Wonder Woman fights super villain and also depression??? DC Comics has opposed the trademark registration for a life coach/self help guru applying for the THE WONDER WOMAN EFFECT trademark.

In February 2017, before the Wonder Woman movie charmed fans and critics alike, Kristine Can Tassel (that name sounds right out of The Legend of Sleepy Hallow story – it was actually Katrina but close enough) filed a trademark registration application for THE WONDER WOMAN EFFECT trademark. This is a 1(b) application meaning at the time of filing the mark was not yet in use but the applicant had the intent to use the mark in the future. Van Tassel filed the mark in a class that covers “life coaching service in the field of self-help, empowering people, fighting depression.” Van Tassel is using the mark on social media, as pictured to the right, and is clear that she is aware and fond of Wonder Woman. Van Tassel didn’t use an attorney who may have told her to NEVER file the mark because DC Comics is coming for you, but she didn’t.
DC Comics has unsurprisingly move to oppose the trademark registration. Since before the Pearl Harbor attack in 1941, DC Comics has used the WONDER WOMAN trademark in association with its comic books, movie, merchandise, and just about anything else. There is no doubt that the mark is very famous and DC Comics enjoys protection of the mark in many classes. DC Comics argues that people are bound to be confused and think that THE WONDER WOMAN EFFECT trademark is owned by or associated with Wonder Woman and DC Comics when it is not. Since the proposed mark encompasses the whole WONDER WOMAN trademark, confusion seemslikely.

I suspect that Van Tassel, much like trying to avoid conflict with the Headless Horseman, will try to avoid conflict with DC Comics. I anticipate that she will just walk away from the mark and DC Comics will be successful in protecting the mark