The Flash is always first in line to buy concert tickets but us mere mortals have to buy them on the secondary market. DC Comics has opposed the trademark registration for an online event ticketing service called Flash Seats claiming that it is confusingly similar with DC Comics' FLASH trademark

Flash Seats is a website and application that does away with hand-held tickets and lets users buy and sell their tickets. The app seems much like other ticketing apps. The website refers to itself as FLASH SEATS with the (r) symbol but this is far from a register trademark. The mark in question can be seen below.

DC Comics has opposed the issuance of the application contending that it is too similar to both its registered FLASH trademark and the famous Flash lightening logo. Interestingly, DC Comics does not have a registered trademark on the logo and assuming because they couldn't get it through the process. Since 1940, the FLASH mark has been used in association with the quick moving superhero of the same name. DC Comics contends that users would be confusing by the FLASH SEATS logo and think that the website is associated with DC Comics when it is not.

This is an interesting battle and we shall see if the parties can come to some type of settlement or fight out the opposition process.