I am not really sure what “adult novelty gag clothing” is but Batman has a problem with it. DC Comics is gearing up its opposition to a rap group’s BATLIFE trademark on a logo quite similar to the Batman logo.
logoThe Crew 211 is a hip hop / rap group who describe their music as embodying the struggle of lower class “street life,” with a drive to possess “more.” The group’s videos contain some rapping, drinking, and drug use as seen in the video for the single “Smoking & Drinking“.  According to the group, The Crew 211 name is derived from two influences: the police code for armed robbery, code 2-11, and an alcoholic beverage that shares the same name, 211 Special Brew. The band uses the Batlife name and logo on its social media pages and on shirts evidenced by the use specimen submitted to the Trademark Office as seen below (minus Batman, of course).
In February 2015, a request to register the BATLIFE trademark was filed with the Trademark Office for a class described in part as “a-shirts; adult novelty gag clothing item” and other clothing apparel like socks and wristbands. According to the registration, the band has used the BATLIFE mark since May 2014. A registration is only requested for the BATLIFE word mark and not the symbol.
DC Comics has been very aggressive protecting the Batman logo and mark as you can see in some of our other stories by hitting the “batman” tag below. Yesterday, the Trademark Office granted DC Comics’ request for an extension of time to oppose registration of the mark. This is the normal first step for an opposition and allows the parties time to work out a settlement, prepare the opposition, or even gives the opposer additional time to decide if they really want to formally oppose the mark. The logo looks very similar to the Batman logo but remember the group hasn’t requested that the logo be registered as a trademark, only the name. However, the use of the BATLIFE name on the logo is what is of concern for DC Comics. DC Comics is likely to argue that people would confuse the BATLIFE trademark when used as proposed in the specimen with DC Comics “bat” trademarks and the Batman logo.
DC Comic’s has some time to figure out its strategy as its opposition isn’t due until a month after the March 25th release date of *Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. *