DC Comics is battling a tire company that is using the SWAMPTHING mark in association with its monster tires.

Transamerica Tire, Co widely distributes its "Swampthing" tires which figure some "monster" treads that allow  added traction thru sand, gravel, dirt, mud or...swamps. A sample picture of the tire can be seen below:

In July 2019, Transamerica filed a trademark registration to protect the name SWAMPTHING for its tires. But there is a big green guy who has something to say about that.

The Swamp Thing comic book character was first introduced by DC Comics in 1971. Since then the popular comic book character has made his way to the big and small screens and still remains a fan favorite. DC Comics owns several registered marks associated with the name. This week, DC Comics opposed the issuance of the mark claiming that the public is bound to be confused and thing that the Swampthing tire is associated with DC Comics' Swamp Thing. I think this opposition is sure to succeed but one has to wonder why action wasn't taken earlier.

Transmerica has been using this mark for some time in association with its tires and it does not appear that DC Comics has taken other legal action, like a lawsuit, to stop the use of the mark on the tires. Maybe this will lead to a lawsuit in the future but right not this boggy battle shall just move forward at the Trademark Office.