Disney has gone on the offensive against a long-time thorn in its side and moved to cancel its "Princess" trademark that has been the source of many battles over the years.

Need to start with this premise: most of the characters and movies we associate with Disney are long in the public domain. Stories such as Rapunzel, Snow White, Cinderella, and The Little Mermaid are tales as old as time and therefore anyone can make a movie or right a book about them. What Disney does have is trademark rights associated with its "Princesses" who make up these public domain characters.

United Trademark Holdings has battled with Disney over the years concerning similar trademarks and names to Disney's classic characters. Disney has won some of those battles and Disney has lost some battles as well, including a loss over Zombie Cinderella. JUNIOR ELF FAIRYTALE PRINCESS has long been a trademark of UTH and can be seen below:

Looks familiar doesn't it? And Disney has thought the same way over the years. UTH claims to have sold toys with the mark on it but according to Disney it has not done so in some time. In a highly redacted cancellation proceeding that looks like a CIA document. A taste of which is below:

Why the document is so secret? I have zero clue and have never seen anything like this filed with the Trademark Office before. Disney claims that UTH is no longer using the trademark and has not done so in a considerable amount of time. Those that fail to use a mark, lose rights to it and Disney has taken the steps to cancel the trademark registration.

AS everything else with UTH, this will probably be a lengthy battle at the USPTO.