From the Academy’s Twitter account. Ummm, guilty.
What happens when you cross an Avengers logo and a Captain America logo, you get in in a lot of trademark problems.

Perhaps one too many kicks to the head can begin to explain this trademark registration because this infringement is pretty blatant. The Academy of Martial Art, LLC runs classes that teach you how to be a real life superhero; you can learn MMA, jiu-jitsu, and other self-defense technics all while wearing the logo that can her seen in this article. The logo is branded all over the academy’s website, its advertisements, and even its fighting gear. In January 2016, the CEO for the company went and filed a trademark registration for the symbol; perhaps an attorney would have advised him to do differently.
In what is not much of a surprise, Marvel has opposed the registration of the mark claiming it is “strikingly similar” to both the Avengers and Captain America logos. Marvel claims there is no way that the Academy did not know of Marvel’s marks and points to an bio on the dojo’s website that refers to one of the instructors as “Captain America”. This aint looking good.

What is more concerning for the Academy, this opposition was filed a few weeks ago and the company is still using the logo. Not only can Marvel oppose the trademark but they could also sue the Academy for trademark infringement. This is a sure loser for the Academy because the logo is just too similar to Marvel’s well-known trademarks. Try as they want, the Academy wont be able to crane kick their way out of this fight.