So it’s a special time of year and I think it is time for a special kind of post. This blog is all IP, all the time, so in the spirit of Christmas, I wanted to do something different and write about a topic that has been bugging me for years.We all know the tale of Charles Dickens’s immortal “A Christmas Carol”.Since its publication in 1843, no other story has been remade more often, which includes my favorite, the 1970 musical “Scrooge” to episodes of television shows like “The Jetsons”. The story tells of a miser that learns the true meaning of charity and Christmas. Here is the thing though: Ebenezer Scrooge got a bum rap, he wasn’t that bad of a guy and is a lot like you and me.
1. Scrooge Helped Small BusinessesLet’s actually look into why Scrooge was painted as a bad guy by Dickens. He was an industrialist who loaned money to local businesses and in exchange charged interest. Scrooge should be commended for helping out mom and pop stores in their time of need. Scrooge helped fight off the inevitable takeover of local business by large chains such as Walmart, Target and the like.
**2. Scrooge Was Aggravated By His Family **Sure Scrooge was a little cranky around the holiday season and didn’t want to spend Christmas day with his family. Oh come on, who amongst us cannot say that some of our family members don’t drive us a little crazy.
** 3. Scrooge Suffered from Severe Holiday Induced Depression. **No one likes being single around the holidays. We would all prefer to have a loved one to cuddle up to us near a warm fire but, unfortunately, was not an option for Scrooge. Scrooge lost his one true love many years ago and Christmas time just brought on some of that depression. Also, Scrooge mourned the passing of his beloved sister and business partner, Jacob Marley. The holidays must have been a grim reminder of these sad occurrences.
4. Scrooge Lacked Human Capital to Sustain His BusinessDue to high employment costs, Scrooge could only afford one employee and all this one employee did was file notices with the union lodging his complaints. Cratchit complained the office was too cold, he wanted to be paid more, and that he wanted paid days off. Waaaah. If Scrooge could have hired several more assistants, his job would have been much easier and he wouldn’t have acted so gruff.
** 5. Scrooge Lived in the Amityville Horror House for Goodness Sake! **Living in a haunted house cannot be pleasant; Scrooge’s house was more haunted than Katie in “Paranormal Activity”. If poltergeists kept me awake at night, I’m not going to be happy at work the next day either.
6. Scrooge Was Living His DreamSo Scrooge loved money, who doesn’t? Over the last few weeks, people have been spending their hard earned money on the infinitesimal chance that they win a half a billion dollars from the lottery. If Mega Millions was giving away hugs and warm wishes, no one would play. So Scrooge, like all of us, wants to be wealthy. He was just living his dream.
**7. Scrooge Had an Awesome Catchphrase **Bah humbug! What a classic catchphrase, better than even “watcha talking about, Willis”. No other phrase quite embraces that annoyed feeling that we all get sometimes, especially around the holidays.In sum, Scrooge, like all of us, had his flaws but he really does not deserve the bad reputation that he has been saddled with over the years. There is a little bit of Scrooge in all of us. Happy Holidays from Pirated Thoughts!!