Episode 4: A New Trademark Hope. Its Friday and once again time to focus on some of those way too familiar, corny or just out there trademarks of the week. You can be slightly amused by previous episodes of the Facepalm Trademarks here.
Every Tuesday, the United States Patent and Trademark Office releases the Trademark Official Gazette, which publishes trademark registration applications for opposition. This provides trademark owners the opportunity to review any pending applications and oppose if they feel it is confusingly similar to their own mark or for if they have any other reason why they object to the trademark being registered.
This week, a whopping 10,659 marks were published for opposition and here we highlight our Facepalm Trademarks applications. Remember the images below are the actual specimens that were submitted in support of the applications to be registered as trademarks. The official Facepalm scale is as follows:

1 Facepalm – Okay, that’s kinda catchy but borderline corny.

2 Facepalms – Really? Whatever.

3 Facepalms – Oh come on, you have got to be kidding!

This panda looks like a po version of Po. On the left is a pending registration filed by an individual from China for a class that covers entertainment services in the nature of live show performances. Basically, the guy dress up as a kung fu panda but not the Kung Fu Panda. Its easy to get these two guys confused and let’s see if Dreamworks has anything to say about it especially with King Fu Panda 3 on the way in January 2016. Facepalm Score:
- - - - - -

Desundas have become the scorn on New York as these are the topless women that pose for pictures with tourists in Times Square. This week, one of the performers made the front page of the paper by body painting  her two year old topless child. A couple of weeks ago, one of the street performers was arrested for allegedly offering her personal services to an undercover police offer. This trademark, obviously filed to cash in on the craze, is for perfume, cologne and toilet water. While you may not be a desnuda, in the future, you can smell like one.
- - - - - -

Take an old love note from the 70’s and throw it on a beer glass…huh? This trademark was applied for in a class covering drinking glasses, drinking vessels, barware, namely beer glasses. Not sure if the couple is still together but if someone wants to read the note on a beer glass, while they are drinking, that may not be a great sign. Facepalm Score:
- - - - - -

Maybe it is just me with the dirty mind but this trademark made me do a double take as I thought it may have been registered by Trojan. This trademark covers vacuum cleaner parts; the Locking Sleeve helps keep your vacuum accessories securely connected. So don’t try to use this pending registration on anything but your vacuum. Facepalm Score:

I’m taking my trademarked sass off for the weekend. Have a good one!