When a truck fights a dinosaur, we all win. Ford Motor Company wants to tame Universal’s new trademark registration for RAPTOR SQUAD claiming people are bound to confuse Universal’s RAPTOR SQUAD with Ford’s RAPTOR truck.

It was way back in the Summer of 2015 when a little film called Jurassic World stole America’s heart. The film features the exploits of Starlord, Chris Pratt, ummm, Owen (thanks IMDB, I would have never remembered that) as he tries to save his pals from a generically modified hybrid dinosaur called the Indominus Rex with the help of his trained Velociraptor pack. The pack developed the nickname of the “Raptor Squad” and Universal has taken the name and run with it. In December 2015, Universal filed an intent to use trademark (meaning the product bearing the trademark is not yet in distribution) for the RAPTOR SQUAD trademark in a class that covers electronic toy vehicles.

Ford has a Raptor of its own. Since 2010, Ford has used the RAPTOR mark in association with its F-150 line of pickup trucks and even distributes its own electronic toy vehicles branded with the RAPTOR mark. Ford is opposing the issuance of Universal’s RAPTOR SQUAD trademark. In its brief opposition, which refers to “Universal” as “University” (hey, lawyers don’t get paid to actually proofread or properly scan a document that isn’t crooked, see below), Ford claims that little children, and grown children, will be confused when they see the term RAPTOR SQUAD on a toy truck and think that truck is authorized by or associated with Ford, when it is not. If Universal can convince the Trademark Office that confusion is likely, the registration will not be granted.

Whats worse: UNIVERSITY CITY STUDIOS or the quality of this scan??
I can see both sides of the argument on this one. When I initially hear the word “raptor” I first think of the *Jurassic Park* franchise and not Ford but I am sure many people will see it the other way around. This will be an interesting fight between two giants in the industry. But, let’s be honest, in a fight between a dinosaur and a truck, the dino always wins.