I must admit that after some crazy legal decisions, I have contemplated about filing a motion like this this but had the good sense not to.  One angry plaintiff, after not being so happy with the way a case was going, filed a motion “To Fck the Court and Everything that it Stands for”.
For a background, this plaintiff representing herself, filed a complaint in the Northern District of Georgia in October 2014.  Tamah Jada Clark identified herself as a “Floridian-American” asserted claims on behalf of her husband and child that her husband was kidnapped by the police when he was arrested and subsequently convicted of aggravated assault, cruelty to children and a whole bunch of other heinous crimes.  Clark asserted other claims against the Georgia Department of Corrections like cruel and inhuman treatment and human trafficking.
The judge called the Complaint full of “nonsensical statements” and threw out the case because plaintiff cannot pursue claims on behalf of her child or husband, the statute of limitations had passed, and she and her husband never signed the complaint.  Important to remember, the Federal Rules require that all pleadings be signed.
Not happy with the motion, instead of filing an appeal, Ms. Clark filed a notice “To F
ck the Court and Everything that it Stands for”. I do not know what Federal Rule of Civil Procedure authorizes this motion but for some reason it was successful filed. In the motion, the plaintiff calls the judge “despicable”, an “old man”, an “asshole”, and a “little btch”.  Yes, Ms. Clark did at least censor her pleadings with asterisks.  The defendant went on to express her frustration with the judge’s decision and at one point referenced that she has a “cocked and fulled loaded AK-47 assault rifle”.
I am sure there will be ramifications for the hot-headed litigant for several reasons especially when you file a document calling a Federal judge a “b*tch”.