Sometimes you have to just know when to put down the controller and walk away from a game…or a lawsuit. David Zipperer, the creator of the Menyoo and Absolute cheat mods for Grand Theft Auto has admitted he is guilty and paid an undisclosed amount to Take-Two to settle a copyright infringement lawsuit.

Take-Two the video game giant behind Grand Theft Auto filed a copyright infringement lawsuit again a Georgia-based moder who created the Menyoo and Absolute cheats. These mods allow the user to get advantages over other players by allowing them to control elements in the game that are not controllable such as weather or even cloning players. Of course these cheats are not authorized by Take-Two and, of course, these mods are copyright infringement because they create unauthorized derivative works of the game.

After a lengthy battle in which Zipperer claimed that he made no money on the mod, to which Take-Two disagreed with wholly, a settlement was reached. As part of the settlement, Zipperer admitted that he committed copyright infringement and admitted to violating GTA’s terms of service. Zipperer is permanently enjoining from doing such again in the future and is paying an undisclosed amount of Take-Two.

See?? Cheating doesn’t pay and it might make you have to pay. By the pretty damning admissions that were filed with the court, I can’t imagine that Zipperer paid much to get out of the lawsuit. It was a probably a lower amount but with the defendant admitting what he did was wrong. Such a judgment is a big deterrent against other modders doing the same conduct in the future. You have been warned.