Who am I to judge someone’s trademark but this one does not roll off the tongue, at all. Lucasfilm has taken the first step to oppose one long trademark based off of a Star Wars’ quote: GREASE, I AM YOUR FATHER STEAMVADER.

Besides Vader’s scream of “Nooooooooo,” a quote from The Empire Strikes Back has become the most meme-worthy of Star Wars dialogue. The original quote from the movie, often misquoted as “Luke, I am your father” is actually “No, I am your father.” Lucasfilm has adapted the trademark over the years but does not have a registered mark. There are no similar marks registered or even pending because Disney has strictly enforced its rights to the saying. However, there is one exception.

A residential professional grease company (who knew this was even a thing, I mean, how many turkeys are you deep frying for Thanksgiving???) has filed a trademark registration application for the phrase GREASE, I AM YOUR FATHER STEAMVADER. The phrase is not explained on the company’s website nor is it very prominent. In fact, in the in use specimen filed with the Trademark Office, the trademark cannot even be seen on it but I found it as seen below.

Nestor Lopez of Lopez & Lopez Contractors, Inc. filed the mark in May 2019. A trademark attorney would probably have told him to expect some pushback from Disney but who needs an attorney. The grease cleaning company faces a pending opposition from Lucasfilm over the trademark. Lucasfilm has taken the first step to oppose the mark and filed a request for an extension of time to oppose. This allows the parties time to discuss settlement and it may scare off people who are not sure about proceeding with the mark.

This mark will not be registered as Disney is very protective of the VADER trademark. If I could suggest a more catchy mark based on a movie quote it would be something like GO GREASE LIGHTENING GO AWAY.