Warner Bros. Entertainment has filed a trademark for Fire Whisky as referenced in the Harry Potter books. Throughout the books, wizards order Blishen’s Fire Whisky. Warner Bros, in an attempt to capitalize on the popularity of its Harry Potter movies has created numerous beverages based upon the story line including Butterbeer that are sold at Universal Studios Orlando’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

One of the interesting things about this trademark is the actual word mark. Usually when filing a trademark it is for just the name. Here, Warner Bros. filed the following, really long, mark: THE KING OF WHISKIES BLISHEN’S FIRE CINNAMON FLAVOURED WHISKY HANDCRAFTED 35% ALC. BY VOL. (70 PROOF) 750 ML. The trademark filing can be seen to the right. The mark was filed in a few different categories including for actual Whiskey, food and beverages (i.e. candy and soda) and for apparel.

It sounds to me like pretty soon we should all be able to go to Universal Orlando, order a shot of Fire Whisky while eating a whisky-flavored candy bar wearing a Blishen’s t-shirt.