It didn’t take a witch looking into flames to predict the future on this one. As we initially reported below, HBO has made good on its threat to oppose the GAME OF DRONES trademark registration and last week formally filed its opposition to the mark. Not only did HBO oppose the mark but it accused the group of filing the mark of fraud. As noted below, Game of Drones improperly used the R in a circle symbol on its website, when the mark was not registered, a big no no. Further, HBO argued that the use of the exact same font didn’t help, that the GAME OF DRONES mark is likely to confuse people to believe that the mark and the events its sponsors are associated with HBO and its trademark.
I can’t see Game of Drones winning this trademark battle and expect them to walk away from the fight.
Originally Posted on March 5, 2015
Well here’s something I am sure you didn’t even know existed. Apparently, you can buy aerial drones and then have them fight each other, in air, but HBO isn’t happy about their name or the name of the company organizing the fights, Game of Drones.
You can construct your own drones from scratch or do it the easy way, go to the “Game of Drones” website, www.gameofdrones.biz, and purchase one for about $400. After you assemble your drone you could just go and fly it but that gets boring fast. In order to fight such boredom, “Game of Drones” created its own drone fighting league. If you want to know more about drone fighting, you can see it here. Who knew?? The “Game of Drones” events also feature obstacle courses and stunt flying but we all know it’s about fighting to the death with these things. “Game of Drones” has even adopted the moniker the Aerial Flight League for this intense combat. All was well with their little Flight Club until they tried to register a trademark for the name.
The specimen for the mark GAME OF DRONES can be seen below and that logo looks an awful lot like the HBO logo. Since this time, the font of the logo has been changed from the website but the GAME OF DRONES name is still being used. The registration is still pending but that hasn’t stopped “Game of Drones” from using the registered trademark symbol (that R in a circle) on its website, which is not correct. HBO filed and received an extension of time to oppose the trademark. Filing for an extension of time is the usual first step to oppose a mark. HBO will undoubtedly argue that the GAME OF DRONES mark is confusingly similar to its GAME OF THRONES mark especially since the drone company was using the same exact font.
HBO’s response is due April 1 and I am sure that “Game of Drones” would rather settle this dispute on the aerial battlefield.