Finally, you can live out your dreams of life in the Shire but you are not a Hobbit®. A Kickstarter campaign to create a Hobbit house has drawn the ire of the estate of Tolkien and Warner Brothers who want all reference to The Lord of the Rings stripped from the holiday getaway.
Last month, a married couple from the U.K. launched a Kickstarter campaign to seek funding for its grand idea. The couple, who run a camping business, wanted to create a Hobbit-styled house on the Shire as seen in The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings books and movies. The proposed Hobbit house would  accommodate four to five people with a Victorian-styled interior to include a log burner, 2 double bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom and the house would be built into a grassy bank in “Middle Earth.”

![]( "Image of Hobbit House.")
Counterfeit Hobbit House?
All was happy go lucky in the faux Shire until black-robed lawyers from the Tolkien Estate and Warner Brothers came knocking at that little round door. One thing the ring wearing couple forgot was to seek permission to use Tolkien’s/WB’s  trademarks and copyrights. The Kickstarter was taken down and all reference to Tolkien and the “Hobbit House” was removed. The campaign was rebranded as the “Poddit Hole” where visitors could come stay in “Centre Earth.” This is still too close says Tolkien and WB. “Poddit” sounds and looks a whole lot like the HOBBIT trademark and many could argue that it is confusingly similar. Again, Tolkien and WB have asked the couple to change the name but this time they have dug in their hairy heels and won’t budge. The couple claims they are not trying to damage the Tolkien brand but want to give people the full Hobbit experience. If the Poddit name is to stay, a lawsuit may be on the way. ![Image of Gandalf]( "Image of Gandalf")