I’ve heard of drinking blood to stay you but spreading on your face it just wrong. Kim Kardashian has sued the “Orgasm Doctor” who is using her name and image, without permission, to market his trademarked, “Vampire Facial”.

I had to google to see what a Vampire Facial was and I was scared of the results that I might receive but got a good explanation. A Vampire Facial is a regenerative therapy which uses the patient's own blood and it receives PRP injections and then is placed on the face. The facial is supposed to remove lines, large pores, and other skin imperfections. Below is a still of Kim Kardashian receiving the treatment on her television show.

Charles Runels is an Alabama-based doctor that labels himself as the “Orgasm Doctor” and the “Calvin Klein of medicine”. He markets and licenses his trademarked procedures such as the Vampire Facials, the Orgasm Shot and the Vampire Breast Lift. On his website, he is using the name and image of Kim Kardashian to sell his procedures including the pamphlet that can be seen below.

Big problem for Runels, he failed to receive Kim Kardashians permission to use her name and likeness to promote Dr. Runels. Ooops. Love her or hate her, Kardashian is a marketing machine and her image comes with a great value. Not only did Dr. Blood use her name but took images from Kardashian’s Instagram account without permission. Therefore, Kardashian has also asserted claims of copyright infringement as well as violation of her rights of publicity.

The fine doctor is going to have to pay up and pay up big. He is guilty. Lawyers usually get called blood-sucking vampire but sometimes it’s the doctors.