When is too much soda enough? Never according to one Bronx man. Luis Arnaud has filed a class-action lawsuit against Universal Studios Parks claiming that the unlimited soda offering really has limits...like making people wait 10 minutes between refills.

I am trying to remain unbiased here but I should be forthright, I recently got engaged in Universal Studios during Halloween Horror Nights and I despise soda. So take this article with a grain of salt, errr, sugar. I did notice this when I was in Universal, there is an offer of $16.99 for the "Cocoa-Cola Freestyle" cup which allows purchasers to go up to a computerized soda machine and refill. The cup is activated by a computer chip that not only dispenses soda but tracks how often you refill it. While being advertised as limited, the soda-loving Arnaud noticed that the machines made him wait 10 minuted in between refills. Oooh the humanity! There doesn't seem to be any limits mentioned in the advertising of the promotion but there could be some fine print posted somewhere.

Arnaud alleges that there promotion is offering consumers less value than what they were represented to receive and filed a class-action lawsuit. So technically, Arnaud is right, if it is unlimited, it should be unlimited. I suspect though that there were some conditions placed on the promotion that Arnaud did not review.

Arnaud is requesting damages in an unspecified amount. I am sure he is hopeful to get a lot of money and not diabetes.