Time to talk about some little green men and some little green going into trademark opposition. Marvel has opposed Corey Goode, an alien conspiracy theorist, attempt to register a trademark for RETURN OF THE GUARDIANS claiming it is confusingly similar to Marvel’s GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY trademark.

Time to go down the rabbit hole. Corey Goode is creating a graphic novel about alien conspiracies. From his website, Goode says he is here to”give accurate information about what is going on behind the scenes of the secret military space program, the secret government and their development of the industrialization of our solar system. In a narrative that to some might read like fiction, Corey reveals the true story of humanity’s celestial presence and the details of an extraterrestrial message which conveys details of the coming collective ascension for humankind.” You can pre-order his graphic novel for a bunch of money including one package that is $222. For that kind of dough, I can buy a whole bunch of Guardians of the Galaxy comic books instead.

There is definitely some similar vibes between the poster for Guardians of the Galaxy and Return of the Guardians as can be seen above but that’s not what got Marvel’s spacesuit in a bunch. Since 1969, Marvel has used the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY trademark in association with comic books…and later movies. Due to Marvel’s use of the GUARDIANS mark including with the GUARDIANS OF INFINITY comic book series, Marvel claims that people when they see GUARDIANS on a comic book are bound to associate that with Marvel and people would be confused to think that Goode’s graphic novel is associated with Marvel when it is not. Goode seems all in on the name judging from his website and social media so it will be interesting to see if he will fight for his trademark. Keep your eyes on the skies and we shall keep ours on the Trademark Office filings.