Take a group of comic book heroes, join them up and call them “Guardians” certainly sounds like the Marvel team…but its not. Marvel has opposed the trademark registration for a group of comic book heroes called “Guardians of the Talisman.”

![Image of Guardians of the Talisman](https://www.leelawservices.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/gott-1.jpeg)
Not sure why this image says “Tailismans”. I think the proper term would be “Talismen”.
If you say Guardians of the _______, the first word that would pop into your head would be “galaxy”. Therefore, anything that says “Guardians of the _________” would be confused with Marvel’s GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY trademark. In a nutshell, that is gist of Marvel’s opposition to this pending trademark. Way back in June 2015, a Gibraltar-based greetings card company (?), but that is just a guess, filed to register a trademark for GUARDIANS OF THE TALISMAN. What this has to do with greeting cards, I am not sure. The company’s [website](http://www.guardiansofthetalismans.com/) gives the backstory of this half human, half, from unknown entities as they journey to find where they come from. Again what this has to do with greeting cards, I have no idea. The company applied for this intent to use registration in several different classes spending $1,650 in fees on top of its big law firm handling the matter’s attorneys’ fees. Sometime in the future, or maybe not depending on how this process plays out, you will see the “Guardians of the Tailsman” name on everything from shoes to jewelry. Marvel has opposed the issuance of the GUARDIANS OF THE TALISMAN trademark citing its confusion with its well-known GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY mark and also its trademark registration for just the word GUARDIANS. Since 1969, Marvel has used the GUARDIANS mark in association with its comics but the group did not take centerstage until the 2014 hit movie starring that dude from *Parks and Recreation*. Marvel notes that applicant’s alleged foreign application filing date of December 8, 2014 is just a few months after the August 1, 2014 U.S. release of Marvel’s GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY film. In addition, Applicants’ GUARDIANS OF THE TALISMANS storyline is arguably similar to Marvel’s GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY plotline – both about a fictional team of diverse beings who seek to explore the universe and to protect others. Marvel argues that these similarities and timing suggest bad faith on the part of applicant. We will see if the greeting card company has the fortitude to take on Marvel and Disney’s deep pockets. Either way, the timing and applicant’s business seem a tad bit shady so this trademark might not have long to live anyway. By just googling “guardians of the talisman” most hits and images come from “Guardians of the Galaxy” and that is why there is a likely case of confusion for this mark.