It is not everyday that a trademark registration application makes me laugh out loud but this one did. Marvel has requested an extension of time as it decides whether it wants to oppose the issuance of the NAKED AVENGER trademark. Someone get the Hulk a towel already!

In September 2019, Leopard Gecko Racing, LLC (applying on their own and without a lawyer, a-hem) filed a trademark registration application for the NAKED AVENGER trademark in a class that covers clothing and also beer and energy drinks. This is a Section 1(b) mark meaning that , at the time of filing, this was an intent to use mark and the trademark was not already on products being distributed. Marvel has taken the initial step to oppose the registration of this mark which is to file an extension of time.

Not only does Marvel have a problem with the mark but the Naked Juice Company does as well. This company owns many marks that contain the words NAKED and they take action against many other companies that use the word NAKED and a drinkable substance.

I couldn’t find out much about Leopard Gecko Racing other than the fact that it also filed a trademark for the term CHINESE LIVES MATTER and it seems they have themselves in quite a pickle when they are about to do battle with two very aggressive trademark owners.

Best option is most likely to grab a robe and get to the drawing board and come up with a new trademark. If not, Leopard Gecko might lose its pants in a drawn out legal battle.