Hulk no like puny poodle playthings. Marvel has successfully defeated an attempt to register the HULK K9 trademark registration for dog toys but it was because the applicant took his toys and ran home.

The greatest business plan startx with a spark of genius but that spark shouldn't use anyone else's trademark. Slightly over a a year ago, Todd Borowsky filed a trademark registration application for the HULK K9 trademark to cover shirts and dog toys. While I cannot be certain, recently, according to a report, a strip club owner named Todd Borowsky was arrested in Arizona when he yelled "come out, my little rabbits" and proceeded to shoot at two men with an assault rifle trying to repo his car. Charges where later dropped. Again, not sure if this is the same man but it might make sense to explain his disappearance in this trademark fight.

Marvel opposes the attempt to register the HULK K9 trademark claiming that people were bound to be confused and think that HULK K9 products are associated with Marvel's big green guy, when they are not. Marvel argues that confusion is especially apt to occur here because Marvel distributed Hulk dog toys as pictured above.
Then when the fight was about to get good, Borowsky disappeared. Borowsky did not respond to Marvel's opposition to the trademark and defaulted. Therefore, the mark will not be granted and Marvel gets a treat for winning this trademark battle.