Hulk smash puny moving company. Marvel Comics opposed the trademark registration for a movie company called Call Hulk claiming that it is too confusing with Marvel’s big green guy.

![Image of Hulk Trademark](//
Actual Marvel trademark registration.
Since 1962, Marvel has used the INCREDIBLE HULK and related HULK trademarks in association with the comic book character with anger control issues. Marvel has 18 (!) trademark registrations related to the HULK word mark, the HULK logo, and even the HULK look. In a tangent to this article, Marvel has a trademark registration for this image to the right. Wow, that is incredibly broad and looks like about every wrestler in the WWE. But I digress.

Starting in December 2016, Callhulk, Inc. filed three trademark registrations for its soon to be opened moving company appropriately called “Callhulk.” While not yet open, Callhulk has set up a Twitter account, Facebook page, and website for the moving company all using the logo that can be seen in the image above.

Marvel has opposed the trademark registration application claiming that consumers are likely to confuse the parties’ marks due to the obvious relationship between the “extremely muscular and strong HULK character” and the moving company’s services namely “courier, moving, transport and delivery services, which are often associated with strong individuals, large objects, and heavy lifting, much like Opposer’s Hulk character.” Makes sense. Also, that use of the green in the company’s logo also implies that the company is trying to tie the Marvel character to its business.

I do not anticipate this trademark registration going through so time to pick a new name for the moving company. Please do not go with CallThor.