Marvel has opposed an Indiana man's attempt to register the BLOCK PANTHER trademark for toys claiming it is confusingly similar to Marvel's BLACK PANTHER trademark.

In July 2018, Jaren W. Jackson, Jr., from Carmel, Indiana , filed a trademark registration for the BLOCK PANTHER trademark in a class that covers "clothing; backpacks; toys". Not much is known about this mark because it is an intent to use mark. This means that products bearing the BLOCK PANTHER trademark are not yet being sold but Mr. Jackson has a good faith intent to sell them in the future.  

Marvel has opposed the mark, especially because it also sells clothing, backpacks, and toys, claiming that the one letter difference and sounds of the marks are so similar that people are bound to confuse the two and think that BLOCK PANTHER is associated with Marvel's character when it is not. BLOCK PANTHER sounds like a Lego version of the character to me.

Since this product is not yet being sold, I can imagine that Mr. Jackson will not want to expend ten of thousands of dollars on attorneys' fees to fight this mark. Maybe he should go with the "Incredible Block" instead.