These models may not be used to briefs but they were filed in this ongoing dispute. A group of 17 models, including former Playboy Playmates, is seeking a quick victory in its case against a a nudist resort for alleging using their images without approval and without paying.

Advertisement featuring model, Jessica Burciaga.
Caliente Resorts is a beautiful resort featuring 7 pools, hot tubs, a spa, nightclub, restaurants, and a whole bunch of fun activities located near Tampa, Florida. Oh, think I forgot to mention, clothing is optional. Cause what’s better than running and doing yoga than having a sweaty naked person next to you. According to the whopping 433 page complaint (you read that right, some lawyers must get paid by the word, the resort also promotes and caters to “swingers” and “spouse swapping” besides all the nakedness. Caliente does a lot of promotion through social media such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter that feature images and advertisements of scantily clothed models. Plaintiffs in this case are a group of 17 models including [Jaime Edmonson]( (former Playboy Playmate, police officer and currently married to Tampa Bay Rays player Evan Longoria), [Alana Campos]( (another former Playmate) and [John Coulter]( (a Disney artists ???) to name just a few. Plaintiffs claim that, without permission, Caliente used their images for advertising and commercial purposes on its websites and social media accounts. Plaintiffs claim that they would never have allowed their likeness to be associated with the nudist/swinger lifestyle and that these ads have jeopardized the models image, brand and marketability. Even after receiving two cease and desist letters, the images never were taken down (and are still up, see the above) thus necessitating this lawsuit.

In the Magna Carta-sized complaint, plaintiffs sue for numerous causes of action including defamation, negligence, violation of rights of publicity, false advertising and about anything else under the sun related to the wrongful conduct. In total, plaintiffs seek damages of $4.86 million.

Seems like an open and shut win for the models but Caliente claims  that 90% of the advertisements the models appeared in were created by an unaffiliated swinger organization that sponsored and hosted those types of events and therefore they were not responsible for them. That still leaves 10%, just saying.

It doesn’t look good for the nudie joint. Hopefully, the naked customers of Caliente have a place to keep their wallets cause the resort is going to need the income to pay for this battle.