I feel like I am in a glass case of emotion writing this article. A new bar is about to open in New York City called “Stay Classy New York” that is a tribute to Will Ferrell but is the bar bound to change due to copyright and trademark infringement issues.
“Stay Classy New York” is a new bar that is opening in the Lower East Side of Manhattan and looks like a great place to have some scotch, scotch, scotch. The bar and its owners do not hide the fact that the bar was completely inspired by the splendid works and characters of Will Ferrell. The bar offers cocktails named after dialogue from Ferrell roles in Saturday Night LiveAnchorman, Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, Old School and more. Besides the name of the drinks, Ferrell’s image and tributes to him can be found decorating the walls of the joint. There is also an art gallery filled with paintings and sculptures featuring artistic depictions of Will Ferrell’s characters.

A look at “Stay Classy New York” courtesy of Instagram.
“Stay Classy New York” was created by two Will Ferrell megafans and they state that Ferrell himself is not actually associated with the establishment. The bar had a preview opening on October 1st, and will officially launch on October 25th. Seems like these themed bars are all the rage. Recently, we told you about a [Harry Potter](http://piratedthoughts.com/stuntman-claims-he-was-assaulted-on-amazing-spider-man-2/) themed bar that had nuances of the wizarding world such as potions and character drink names. But, here, this bar’s tribute to the source material is a lot more blatant. In reading interviews and looking at the bar’s social media there is no mention that the bar sought and has approval of either Ferrell or the studios behind his motion pictures and television shows. Some potential issues: first, Stay Classy is exploiting Will Ferrell’s celebrity likeness to advertise the bar and attract customers and they may have not gotten permission to do so. Second, the bar is reproducing copyrighted images from movie posters and the movies themselves seemingly without permission. Third, the bar is using copyright dialogue and perhaps trademarked phrases synonymous with Ferrell and his motion picture works. For example, NBC releases merchandise with the “More Cowbell” saying on it and is likely using the phrase as a trademark to associate it with its *Saturday Night Live* brand. These are some major infringement issues that could easily be solved or easily be litigated. Let’s hope everyone can stay classy and have a good sense of humor about this and silly things like cease and desist letters don’t get in the way of a good time. ![wf](http://piratedthoughts.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/wf.png)