Robin Thicke has a unique defense to claims of copyright infringement over his mega-hit “Blurred Lines”: he was high on drugs and alcohol during the creative process.
In August 2013, Thicke, Pharrell Williams and T.I. preemptively sued the estate of Marvin Gaye and Gaye fired back with a lawsuit of its own over the song “Blurred Lines”.  Specifically, the Gayes assert that “Blurred Lines” “sounds” and “feels” just like Marvin Gaye’s “Got to Give It Up”. However, plaintiffs deny copying those songs when creating their smash hit. During interviews Thicke claimed that in creating “Blurred Lines” they were inspired by the sound of a certain era and by Marvin Gaye.
Well, during a deposition that occurred in April and was just released this week, Thicke now claims that he was “high on Vicodin and alcohol” while recording and promoting “Blurred Lines'” and accidentally exaggerated his creative role and Gaye’s influence on the process. Thicke claims that Pharrell Williams actually did most of the creative work on the song.
Thicke’s motion for summary judgment to dismiss the case is currently pending.  No claims have yet to be asserted against alcohol and Vicodin…or the goat…for their role in the alleged copyright infringement.