I don’t really know what this contestant was expecting when she went on a reality show entitled, “Dating Naked”. A contestant of the show sued Viacom after it showed uncensored images of her most private of areas but not surprisingly, the lawsuit was dismissed.
If you somehow missed the reality dating show “Dating Naked” get this, it was about couples meeting and having dates in the nude. The first date involved meeting a new person when they are at their most vulnerable, when they are in their birthday suit. The show aired on VH1, which is owned by Viacom. As part of the show, contestants would sign a release that permitted Viacom to use their image as part of the show. Jessie Nizewitz, a former stripper, all of a sudden got shy when her privates where broadcast on television. Nizewitz agrees that she signed the release but claims to have an oral agreement with the producers that her below the belt area would be blurred out.
A New York judge was left to decide the issue and the case couldn’t have been more open and closed. The contract that Nizewitz signed said that she consents to her image and that the contract cannot be modified by any oral contract between the parties. In the law, written contracts cannot be trumped by any oral modifications. So this contestant may not have only lost this case but she may lose her shirt as well in attorneys’ fees.