Halloween comes to a (dead) end with this final spooky tale. Below, we revisit and update a spooky story that first haunted these archives back in October 2014.

It’s the time of year to be scared by ghosts, zombies and trademarks!!! For a very special Halloween edition of Pirated Thoughts, we took our flashlight and went down into the dark, cobwebbed-filled catacombs of the United States Patent and Trademark Office to find some scary and not so scary real trademarks. So have a cool glass of some HALLOWINE and try not to be too frightened.


What happens when you mix Harlem and Halloween, you get HARLEMWEEN, so says the Facebook page of this event. HARLEMWEEN is the trademark associated with a party that occurs in Harlem, New York that features a re-creation of the Michael Jackson “Thriller” dance and other fun things. First registered in 2013, this trademark is among the living.


The image to the right is the actual registered trademark associated with the Scream movies. While a new television show launched this past year associated with the Scream franchise, it has had more people screaming than cheering.


When the dead get tired of aimlessly walking around looking for brains to munch, they cruise along like a mall cop on their Segway. This trademark application was in association with clothing and shirts but is no longer with us. Status: dead (stake through the heart.)


No, this in not the nickname for your mother-in-law, this is a freshly filed application to register the trademark for an old character. Once the hostess of horror comics, remember the Crpytkeeper from Tales from the Crypt, this companion would tell of horrific stories in comic book form. This year, The Old Witch was approved for allowance but the applicant has not yet filed a specimen of use, meaning the mark is still not in use.  We will wait to see if the Witch gets approved by next year.


Pumpkin carving isn’t just for the kids anymore. “Pornkins” are adult image stencils that can be carved into a pumpkin to create an X-rated jack-o-lantern. Google image it, I dare you. First registered in 2009, this trademark is alive and kicking.


From the greatest horror movie of all-time and appropriately titled Halloween, Michael Myers can never be killed and neither can his trademark. The movie is still going strong and was recently featured as a haunted house at Universal Studios. This trademark is registered in a class for action figures. So time to go play with my Michael Myers toys and wish everyone a Happy Halloween!