It’s not all the time that I hear about something and get excited to sit down at the computer and write about it…this is one of those times. A woman based in Hawaii, who among several other things, conducts funerals as the “Barefoot Jedi” is running into trademark problems because her moniker was stolen from Star Wars.

I implore you to stop reading this article (like anyone even is, you come her for the pictures) and go check out Kim Crinella’s website. Kim is a woman of may talents apparently: she is a wedding minister, runs funerals, is a mobile notary, sells eyelash extensions, and does website design. Like I always say, if you can’t do one thing right, do many things mediocrely. And from looking at the design of the website, let’s hope her eyelash extensions are amazing.

Since July 2016, Crinella has been conducting wedding services and funerals under the name, the “Barefoot Jedi.” Crinella went and filed a trademark registration application for the term BAREFOOT JEDI in the following class:
*Conducting funeral ceremonies; Planning and arranging of wedding ceremonies; Providing wedding officiant services; Providing and conducting non-denominational, non-religious civil marriage ceremonies *

Personally, when I kick the bucket, I wouldn’t mind a Jedi performing the ceremony but I’ll be damned if they are going to be barefoot. I mean really, Kim, can’t you keep your shoes on around the dead?? Stepping on a rusty nail would be an upgrade to the trademark problems coming for the Barefoot Jedi.

JEDI has long been a trademark owned and used by Lucasfilm and there is no chance they would just sit around and let this one slip through. Lucasfilm has filed and been granted an extension of time to oppose the registration of this mark. This allows the parties more time to try to work out a settlement and provides Crinella a chance to rethink her choice. Not a chance this trademark goes through due to Lucasfilm’s prior use of the JEDI mark. To register a trademark that contains an existing unique mark would require a pretty sweet Jedi mind trick.

Sadly, Crinella might have to conduct her own funeral for the “Barefoot Jedi.”