A couple of weeks after the announcement of the title and just last week, Lucasfilm filed a whopping 14 trademark registrations for THE LAST JEDI. So what do these trademark registrations tell us about what to expect about the marketing of the next episode of the Star Wars saga?

On January 23, 2017, Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi was officially announced as the next title in the *Star Wars *series. Unlike previous films, Disney did not file trademark registrations before the release of the name in the movie. Disney has been caught several times accidentally leaking the names of upcoming projects through premature filings at the Trademark Office. A prime example was the leak of the Doctor Strange movie on filings before it was officially announced. After some initial questions, it appears that foreign language subtitles have revealed that “Jedi” is plural and not the singular so let’s hope Luke doesn’t take the Han Solo-like exit from these films.

![Image of The Last Jedi Trademarks](https://www.leelawservices.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/Screen-Shot-2017-02-21-at-8.14.10-AM-1.png)
THE LAST JEDI trademark filings.
On Friday, Lucasfilm started to file intent to use trademark registrations for THE LAST JEDI trademark and from the looks of these 14 trademark filings, branded merchandise will be flowing in the streets. Here is just a taste of some marketing that is on the way:

Education and entertainment services: What this means is anyone’s guess but let’s hope it means they are giving Star Wars classes somewhere. I will actually do the homework this time.
Non-alcoholic beverages; juices; syrups for making soft drinks: You almost had me there, Disney…until you put the “non” in front of alcoholic.
Bakery goods; biscuits and bread: Nothing like some Rey-shaped cookies and blue milk.
Toys, games and playthings: Nice! I need more playthings for my shelves.
Clothing, footwear and headwear: Star Wars t-shirts are these generation’s three piece suit – so says me.
Textiles; fabric; bath linen; bed linen: Nothing impresses a late night guest who might be staying over than some Star Wars bed sheets. 60% of the time, it works every time.
Non-medicated cosmetics: You too can also sport the same blush as Supreme Leader Snoke, medicated-free, of course.
Cushions; decorative glitter; decorative mobiles: I know we were all in some dire need of new Star Wars glitter, I’m on my last bag of the stuff.

With the recent announcement of the Force Friday II on September 1, 2017 you can expect to see these items lining the shelves of every store you walk into. Disney has done an impressive job with its marketing efforts to a point that it may seem like overkill. Do we really need The Last Jedi decorative mobiles? Probably not but someone, no pointing fingers, is buying this stuff. So from a review of these trademark filings it appears that marketing of Episode VIII will be very similar to the marketing efforts of The Force Awakens. Hurry up, December!