It wasn’t even a close race this year, so I guess it must be a complement. Yesterday, we told you about the most pirated films of 2015 and now let’s take a look at the most pirated television shows of 2015. A company called Excipio tracks the downloads on illicit peer-to-peer file sharing sites and determines the most illegally downloaded television of the year.  And without further ado:
10. Suits (2.6 million downloads)
9. The Blacklist (2.9 million downloads)
8. Supergirl (3 million downloads)
7. Vikings (3.3 million downloads)
6.  Mr. Robot (3.5 million downloads)
5. The Flash (3.6 million downloads)
4. Arrow (3.9 million downloads)
3.  The Big Bang Theory (4.4 million downloads)
2. The Walking Dead(6.9 million downloads)
(and more than doubling the number two pick….)

  1. Game of Thrones (14.4 million downloads)
    It was not even a contest and the reason why is that Game of Thrones is on HBO, a pay prescription service, while the other shows are on basic cable or network television. Meaning people are much more likely to pirate content that costs money to watch. It was back to back wins for Game of Thrones who also topped the list in 2014. I’m sure Game of Thrones will top the list again in 2016 with a new season starting in April.