Mixing this trademark and high speed driving is definitely a recipe for disaster. Universal Studios is looking to hit the brakes on a new trademark registration as the movie studio has opposed registration on the FAST & FURIOUS mark for booze.
Hard to believe but it has been 14 years since the release of *The Fast and the Furious *movie that told the story of street racing gangs infiltrated by the police. Since that time, Universal has released a whole many sequels under and in connection with its THE FAST AND FURIOUS mark. In fact, we are up to seven total movies including 2009’s Fast & Furious.
The title of the movie has gained protection as a trademark since it has become so closely affiliated and used to represent Universal’s product. Not only does Universal release movies under the name but also such products such as beverages, clothing, artwork and model cars. Universal owns several registered trademarks for the mark and its use is well-known and famous.
In December 2014, an individual from California filed an intent to use trademark registration (meaning the product is not yet being sold under the mark) for FAST & FURIOUS in several classes covering many types of alcoholic beverages. Some of these spirits include rum, malt liquor, and alcoholic beverages with fruit but not beer. In May 2015, the mark was published for opposition and that’s when Universal rev’ed its engine in anger.
Universal is opposing the issuance of the trademark claiming that THE FAST AND FURIOUS mark has become so famous and the public believes that any products bearing that name have to be associated with the film franchise. According to Universal, the chance of confusion is so great here since characters in the films drink alcoholic beverages and alcoholic beverages play a significant role in the films’ story lines.
So if you had a tasty malted beverage with the name FAST & FURIOUS on it would you associate it with THE FAST AND FURIOUS mark and the film series? This is the question that the Trademark Office must answer when deciding whether to approve the registration of the mark. Since THE FAST AND FURIOUS trademark is world famous with the success of the movies and many people would be confused to think the two are related, it might be a tough race for the FAST & FURIOUS mark to win.