Dom Toretto has many things to worry about including his family but his hair is not one of them. Universal has requested an extension of time to oppose a FAST & FURIOUS trademark for blade oil used in electric shavers.

I think a very strong majority of people when they hear the term "Fast & Furious" automatically associate it with the soon to be 10 movie series of action films which started off about street racing and then turned into saving the world. Since 2001, Universal has distributed eight movies for the series and has two in development. The movies have made a large amount of money and Universal protects the name of its valuable brand.

In August 2019, a hair stylist and his company, Irizarry Beautician & Barber Supplies, LLC, filed a trademark registration for FAST & FURIOUS to cover "clipper blade lubricant and cleaner; All-in-one cleanser, lubricant and coolant for electric hair clipper blades".

Universal has requested an extension of time to oppose the mark which gives the parties time to try to work out a settlement or even re-access its position.
Think this is a case where confusion is very likely and I don't see it moving forward. Time to hit the brakes on this one for the Yonkers-based barber and come up with a new name.