One movie studio is filled with fury right now. Warner Bros. has opposed a China-based company’s attempt to register the MAD MAX trademark for in association with its e-cigarette merchandise.

Image of Max Max VapeShenzhen Geekvape Technology Co., Ltd. (that is a mouthful for a me to keep typing over and over again so “Geekvape” it is) is a China-based vape machine company that produces a large range of vaping products. Surprisingly, many are “geek” related. I was expecting to see other machines bearing names of geeky things but none other than the MAD MAX vape. Since November 2015, Geekvape claims to have been distributing products such as vape machines, e-cig liquid, and other related products bearing the trademark that can be seen in the in use sample to the right. Something is a bit off, when looking at the company’s website I cannot locate the “Max Max” products and this picture looks suspiciously like a render of a product and not the product itself.

Since 1979, the time of the release of the first movie starring Mel Gibson, Warner Bros. has used the MAD MAX trademark this includes three subsequent sequels and the Emmy award winning reboot. Warner Bros. claims that the trademark application should be denied because people are bound to confuse the vape with the movie. Walk into your local smoke shop, see the vape bearing the MAD MAX mark, and you are bound to think it is associated with the movie, but it is not. That is Warner Bros. argument in a nut shell.
Geekvape has a chance to respond to the opposition or if it chooses not to do so, the mark is considered abandoned. I can’t image the company that filed the trademark application from overseas looking to get into a fight with this one.