A magic wand would really come in handy for Stanley Goldin right about now.  In a complaint filed earlier this year, Warner Brothers Entertainment is alleging that Mr. Goldin has run wild in his infringement of their Harry Potter-related trademarks through his look-alike Harry Potter retail store and website.

The defendant and self-described “world’s leading retailer of Harry Potter products” has found himself in hot water over items being sold through his retail location “Whimsic Alley”. Mr. Goldin also holds wizarding camps, and has recently announced plans for a wizard-themed cruise.  Defendant’s website sells wands, clothing, quills and lots of other wizard products that WB claims is confusingly similar to their intellectual property.  You can take a look at the products for sale (while it lasts) [here](http://www.whimsicalley.com/). The products do all look like they came out of the Harry Potter films. Warner Brothers, the exclusive holder of rights to Harry Potter trademarks and trade dress, are not taking Mr. Goldin’s business ventures lightly—especially as this is the second run-in they’ve had with the Harry Potter connoisseur.  In fact, Mr. Goldin had already settled with Warner Brothers in 2004 over his prior infringing use of their trademarks.  While he agreed at the time to cease his selling and advertising of unauthorized products, it seems that arrangement has gone up in smoke—and he’ll need much more than a simple spell to get out of this bind.